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Whether you are building a home or remodeling a space in your existing home, when it comes to picking out countertop surfaces for the kitchen or bath, most agree on granite. The reasons why are endless. The unique and unmatched beauty that comes from Mother Nature is something that cannot be reproduced in a factory.

Granite is sourced all over the world. It is an igneous rock made up primarily of quartz, mica and feldspar. The countries that supply most of the worldís granite are Brazil, China and India but there are also slabs sourced from Spain, Norway and the U.S. Most people are familiar with common colors such as Uba tuba, Tan Brown, Verde Peacock, Verde Butterfly or Galaxy Black but itís important that shoppers learn that there are 100ís of different granite colors available to separate them from the cookie cutter world of subdivisions. Because of the demand of granite in the home, the marketplace has been flooded with this particular stone and fabricators are constantly trying to lowball their local competitors. Homeowners should be very weary of such companies promising to install high quality granite in their kitchen or bath for significantly less than the next fabricator down the block. Everyone knows that the better deal isnít always the cheapest. A fabricator may charge more because of the level of skill of the men and women working for them. Slabs of granite are like snowflakes; no two are ever alike. So after the search is over, and the perfect color slab is found with just the right amount of veining and striations, itís important that the person responsible for cutting the stone to the right dimensions is knowledgeable and skilled in stone fabrication.

Shopping for granite requires a lot of consideration. It can seem like a daunting task to some. Therefore it pays to work with fabricators that offer more in the way of customer service. A small fabrication shop could be limited in staff and time to work with a homeowner to educate them on the types of granite, colors available and edge detail. Better fabricators today have been able to set themselves apart because many areas saturated in stone shops 5 years ago are ghost towns today with only 1 or 2 still standing. A lot can be said for those whose foundations are strong and have been able to withstand the housing market crash of 2008. Now that the economy has slowly started turning around and people are once again investing in their homes, itís important to remember that those who are still standing after the storms have cleared have clearly been doing something right.
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